Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What The Independent says about Brighton Clubbing

Hardcore Brightonians may whinge that the scene's gone downhill since its heyday in the early 1990s, and that all the bloody tourists have wrecked the place, but the San Francisco of the South Coast is still the UK's unofficial capital of cool. With its legendary clubbing, unparalleled gay scene and shopping to cover all styles from chic to shabby, Brighton's got it all in (buckets and) spades. Hove hasn't, but no one goes there anyway.
If you can fight your way through the sun-seekers, the Lanes shopping labyrinth is made for students - but priced for trustafarians. Cost is the biggest drawback; from pints to pashminas, the city's not for the faint of wallet. You get what you pay for in Brighton though, (except the glorious pebble beach, which is free), and, with clubs like Revenge, Concorde 2 and Funky Buddha to get your feet moving, it's worth shelling out that bit more.
Best for: Dancing queens
Cost of a pint: £2.75
Cost of accommodation: £70/pw
Nightlife: ****
Music scene: ***
Pulling potential: Smile boys - you get 1.54 girls each.
Notable alumni (Brighton): Fatboy Slim; Alison Lapper, Jo Whiley, Rachel Whiteread Notable alumni (Sussex): Ian McEwan; Bob Mortimer
"Not many people know the true magic of Brighton. Come here, and its secrets will be revealed. When you settle here, you see that the modern British notion of community - of knowing more about Big Brother evictees than your neighbours - has a lot to do with a lack of imagination. In Brighton, adventure and anarchy still exist. With a range of eclectic nightlife, tasty food and nature all around, the place has something to excite everyone. More than anything, Brighton has passion. It is the microcosm of the world we want to live in, where multiple community groups are fighting for a better society. Come on in folks! The doors are wide open! " Dan Glass, President of the Sussex University students' union


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