Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fat Boy Slim New Year Party?

Fatboy Slim had a storming party on the beach back in 2002 when 250,000 people turned up. There was a wildly overblown public outcry about the event, lead by conservative media. The fact that there was actually very little crime or incident while the event was going on seems to have little bearing on the reporting of the event. The problems that did occur were due to appalling planning by the council and the public transport services that didn't seem to think many people would come!

Well, plans are underway for Norman to repeat the party on 1/1/07, but it wouldn't be a free party for all. The likelyhood is that 25,000 people would be admitted. The council want it to be a paid entry gig, while Fatboy wants it to be free. Seems like there is little recognition that during the festival and for Pride that Brighton caters to 70,000+ people at free events.

It may be just for Brighton residents, who may have to show a household bill to buy a ticket.


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