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So tell us about the latest Brighton Clubs. Things have changed a lot. Where do you like and why?

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Hi there.
Well its been a while since I posted anything here. Thats mainly because I've been working on something else:
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Fat Boy Slim New Year Party?

Fatboy Slim had a storming party on the beach back in 2002 when 250,000 people turned up. There was a wildly overblown public outcry about the event, lead by conservative media. The fact that there was actually very little crime or incident while the event was going on seems to have little bearing on the reporting of the event. The problems that did occur were due to appalling planning by the council and the public transport services that didn't seem to think many people would come!

Well, plans are underway for Norman to repeat the party on 1/1/07, but it wouldn't be a free party for all. The likelyhood is that 25,000 people would be admitted. The council want it to be a paid entry gig, while Fatboy wants it to be free. Seems like there is little recognition that during the festival and for Pride that Brighton caters to 70,000+ people at free events.

It may be just for Brighton residents, who may have to show a household bill to buy a ticket.

What The Independent says about Brighton Clubbing

Hardcore Brightonians may whinge that the scene's gone downhill since its heyday in the early 1990s, and that all the bloody tourists have wrecked the place, but the San Francisco of the South Coast is still the UK's unofficial capital of cool. With its legendary clubbing, unparalleled gay scene and shopping to cover all styles from chic to shabby, Brighton's got it all in (buckets and) spades. Hove hasn't, but no one goes there anyway.
If you can fight your way through the sun-seekers, the Lanes shopping labyrinth is made for students - but priced for trustafarians. Cost is the biggest drawback; from pints to pashminas, the city's not for the faint of wallet. You get what you pay for in Brighton though, (except the glorious pebble beach, which is free), and, with clubs like Revenge, Concorde 2 and Funky Buddha to get your feet moving, it's worth shelling out that bit more.
Best for: Dancing queens
Cost of a pint: £2.75
Cost of accommodation: £70/pw
Nightlife: ****
Music scene: ***
Pulling potential: Smile boys - you get 1.54 girls each.
Notable alumni (Brighton): Fatboy Slim; Alison Lapper, Jo Whiley, Rachel Whiteread Notable alumni (Sussex): Ian McEwan; Bob Mortimer
"Not many people know the true magic of Brighton. Come here, and its secrets will be revealed. When you settle here, you see that the modern British notion of community - of knowing more about Big Brother evictees than your neighbours - has a lot to do with a lack of imagination. In Brighton, adventure and anarchy still exist. With a range of eclectic nightlife, tasty food and nature all around, the place has something to excite everyone. More than anything, Brighton has passion. It is the microcosm of the world we want to live in, where multiple community groups are fighting for a better society. Come on in folks! The doors are wide open! " Dan Glass, President of the Sussex University students' union

BBC in Brighton

BBC in Brighton : BBC Radio 1 has announced that as part of their One Live In Brighton event the station would be committing to One Live Alternative, a series of gigs and club nights consisting entirely of local music talent. One Live Alternative will take place at the same time as the main event starting from Monday 27th October through to Sunday 2nd November. The station continues its commitment to grass roots level music making by inviting people who are interested in being part of One Live Alternative to email their details here. They will then be sent info on ways to get involved. Co-ordinating One Live Alternative will be local band and club promoters Anna Moulson (Melting Vinyl) and Lisa Lout. They said 'It's brilliant that Radio 1 are bringing the whole One Live event to Brighton'. If you're a band, DJ or promoter who wants to get involved in One Live Alternative then send a note to the e mail that's been set up to find out what to do. To find out the full massive line up for One Live in Brighton keep listening to Radio 1 and visiting the Radio One web-site.

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Arc as a beachfront bar during the day.

The Casablanca Jazz Club


The Brighton Gloucester

It looks all purple now, which is at least one complete colour scheme.

The Ocean Rooms

This is how it used to look, but I really like the quote......

Updates coming

I aim to update this guide to give each club its own entry, plus photographs.
If you want to add or update any club entry then feel free to comment and I'll build it all into the updated blog.


The Club Guide

Brighton Club Guide

This section gives a brief guide to Brighton clubs. Prices and descriptions could be totally wrong as they can change wildly.


Kings Road Arches on the seafront, 01273 770505

Beach bar becomes Club at night. Playing Disco/Funk/Soul or R’n’B/Rap/Ragga £8


Marine Parade, 01273 606906

Funk/Soul/Disco/House/Indie in a large club/bar with two distinct floors. £8.

Babylon Lounge


Playing House/Techno £7

The Beach

Kings Road Arches on the seafront, 01273 722272

Bar becomes huge open plan club at night. Plays classic club tunes or 70s/80s/90s. £10


West Street, Lanes, 01273 321692

R&B, Hip Hop & Garage. £6.

Brighton Gloucester

Gloucester Place, 01273 688011

No frills studenty place, Indie or School Disco £6.


Middle Street, Lanes. 01273 709710

Live funk jazz and latin in a cocktail of latin/Mexican cultures. £7.

Club Fuk

St. James’s Street, 01273 695569

Small and gay, playing dance of all kinds. £6.

Club New York

Dyke Road, 01273 208678

Salsa, £4.

Concorde 2

Madeira Drive, 01273 606460

Live bands and big DJs, various prices around a tenner.

Core Club

Kings Road, Lanes, 01273 326848

Small crazy club playing an indie/pop/amusing mix. £4.


West Street, 01273 321628

Huge newish club that replaced the infamous Paradox. House/dance/party anthems. £8


Ship Street, 01273 328439

Hip hop/garage/funk. £7.

Event 2

West Street, 01273 732627

Commercial dance and 70s/80s/90s anthems in the company of hen and stag dos. £7

Funky Buddha Lounge

Kings Road Arches (seafront), 01273 725541

Soul/funk/rare grooves in a pair of the arches. £10.

Funky Fish

Madeira Hotel, Maderia Drive, 01273 698331

The famous informal ex-Catfish club, playing Disco/funk/jazz/blues/soul, £5.

Gap Club

Western Road, Hove, 01273 203130

School disco/just plain disco, £6.

Hanbury Ballroom

St.George’s Road, Kemptown, 01273 605789

Funk/soul/DJs/live music/unpredictable in a domed ex-mausoleum. £5.

Honey Club

Kings Road Arches (seafront), 01273 202807

Massive beach bar/club on the seafront plays techno house and trance. £9

Jazz Place

Ship Street, Lanes, 01273 328439

Tiny underground club playing (duh) jazz. £6.


Pool Valley, 01273 888000

‘Late night venue and lounge bar’ playing ‘funky sexy house’. Fancy website! £8/£10

Ocean Rooms

Morley Street, 01273 699069

Award winning three-floor club playing disco, house, drum & bass. They tell us that the music policy is varied across the week and they “do not really do any cheesy nights”! £8

Pavilion Tavern

Castle Square, Lanes, 01273 827641

Usually packed low-budget late night drinking club above the Pav Tav. Playing indie, pop, retro, soul and disco classics. £5.

Po Na Na

East Street, Lanes, 0800 7837485

Chain bar with Turkish theme playing funk to a moneyed crowd. £6


Marine Parade, 01273 624091

Girly gay club with live music, house, techno, 70s/80s, indie, pop. £8

Pressure Point

Grand Parade, 01273 677800

Live bands and hip hop/reggae/drum & bass/house to a black t-shirt gang above the Pressure Point bar. £6.


Old Steine, 01273 697569

Very large gay club with disco/dance/pop entertaining mainly men. £8

Snafu 23

Church Road, Hove, 01273 739399

DJs play hip hop/funk/house and this bar that becomes a club later. £5


Kings Road, 01273 775775

Techno/rap/garage/house. £7


Madeira Drive, 01273 682828

House/techno/trance/hip hop on a two-floor club. £7


Kings Road Arches (seafront), 01273 202407

Cavernous dark maze with garage/hip hop/house/disco/anthems. Was briefly renamed ‘Union’ but returned to its original name. £10

Holding Comment

This blog will host a discussion on the merits of the various clubs in Brighton. Feel free to comment to update each club's section and say what you think of it.